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Browse to the download file location, select the wordpress-seo.zip install the plugin. Click the Activate Plugin button to activate the Yoast SEO plugin on your website. To activate the plugin on your website site go to WordPress Dashboard Plugins and then click the Activate button for Yoast SEO.
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They work by scraping, i.e. copying, the content of your RSS feed, so Yoast provides a way for you add a footer or header to your feed which contains links back to your site. This way, even if someone does scrape the content, at least you will be credited. If youre not sure what to do here, just leave the default settings. SEO Tools Bulk Editor. This provides a handy way to edit the SEO titles and meta descriptions for your content on one screen, without having to go into each individual edit screen.: SEO Tools File Editor. WordPress dynamically generates a virtual robots.txt file, but if you manually created one, you could edit it here. You can also edit your htaccess but you should only do that if you know exactly what you are doing. For advanced users you can use htaccess to do redirects, security tweaks and more. It wouldnt really be advised to make changes from within the dashboard, but this tool can be useful to easily view the file if you dont for some reason have FTP access.
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You can also set up your social profiles in Yoast so that search engines know they are associated with your website. This can be easily done by going to the Social page in the Yoast SEO plugin settings, and simply pasting the details of each social platform you use into each designated box.: Youll notice that Twitter is the only box that doesnt ask for a URL, and instead asks for your Twitter username instead, so be sure to paste that into the box instead to make sure it works. Even though these configurations are minor, they could have a positive impact on SEO, so it is worth going through the settings for Yoast and making sure that they are configured correctly. If you want more information about configuring your website, check out our Small Business Website Guide or if youd like to gain some more SEO tips, then sift through our blog and see how we can help.
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Its a good idea to run the Configuration Wizard as a first step, as this eight step process helps you set up the needed technical optimisation of your site for SEO. Still in the General panel, there is a Features tab, which has a range of features you can enable or disable, with links to the Yoast website explaining each one. There is also a Webmaster Tools tab, where you can connect your site to your preferred Webmaster tools site. In the Search Appearance panel, there are further tabs with options for Title Separators, Content Types, Media, Taxonomies, Archives, Breadcrumbs and RSS. Some of these options are configured for you when completing the Configuration Wizard. There is also a Social panel, where you can connect and configure your Social accounts, and a Tools panel, that has a range of tools, including an import and export options, so you can import or export your settings for use on another blog. You can even import settings from other SEO plugins you may have used.
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Below are the settings that I would use for a hotels website.: And the final page to tweak a little is Dashboard SEO Permalinks. Below are the settings that I use on all of my WordPress websites.: At the first glance all these settings and options may seem overwhelming, but in reality, all it takes is some patience and attention to details. Most of the check-boxes and options have clear descriptions, so make sure to read them all. If you require assistance with setting up this plugin, feel free to contact us using our Contact Form, posting in our Support Forum, or even by Skype search for hermesthemes. This tutorial was written for the 1.4.22 version of the plugin. 22 Replies to How to: Install and Set Up the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin.
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This will help them explore the full potential of the solution and achieve the best possible results. Install The Yoast SEO Plugin. Experienced users will know how to install a plugin but new users like those who have just converted HTML to WordPress theme will need help. Log in to your admin dashboard and hover the cursor over Plugins in the menu.
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It is more than just adding a ton of keywords in the paragraphs and the title. This is where Yoast SEO plugin comes in handy. Table of Contents show. What is Yoast SEO? Setting up WordPress Yoast SEO. Setup Yoast SEO using Configuration Wizard. Yoast SEO Dashboard Settings. Search Appearance Configuration. Bulk Editor and other tools. Optimize On-Page SEO and Readability with Yoast SEO. Appreciate Our Work.: What is Yoast SEO? Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins in WordPress. It is free and does what it is intended to do without much hassle. The reason WordPress is popular among bloggers is that the contents are automatically optimized for search engine without bloggers even knowing about it or doing anything. But if you want to make your blog or site to appear on at least the front page if not at the top of the search result, you need to optimize the SEO further.

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